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Introducing European kitchen appliances to Australia.


Where we came from


Scandium [skan-dee-uhm]

– a rare, trivalent, metallic element obtained from thortveitite.


With the engineering origins of silent rangehood experts, Scandium has evolved from the desire to build a complete product range of quality European kitchen appliances. Our ongoing research and knowledge of the industry stands at the core of Scandium’s roots. Australian owned and family run, the dedicated people behind Scandium understand the underlying features of uniquely Australian kitchen design.


The result?

Creation of a complete range of robust kitchen appliances, including the innovative silent rangehood, boldly coloured statement cookers, an in-built microwave and energy efficient cooktops.


Unique quality

Scandium is designed to make life easier for home cooks everywhere. We deliver the quality of European manufacturing and unique design, whilst remaining one of the most affordable ranges on the market.


Determined to lead the way in ever-changing kitchen trends, whilst providing a timeless product range, Scandium prides itself on a combination of innovative design and modern technology. Motivated by a desire to deliver high quality manufacturing with both functional intelligence and innovative detail.


“We wanted to be able to offer a full range of European

kitchen appliances to everyone - without the price tag.”

- Anthony Fletcher, MD.


Featuring: Statement coloured cookers

Colourful kitchens have taken lead in today’s kitchen trends, and Scandium has listened. With the introduction of our stylishly retro freestanding coloured cookers in 9 brilliant colours, Australian kitchens can now feature a nostalgic aesthetic made from the finest high-grade materials and featuring innovative technology. These freestanding cookers are the most affordable on the market to date, whilst proving incredibly functional and convenient for the everyday home cook.


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